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Cook & Events is a leading Canary Island company in the food and services sector. We work mainly in catering for groups.

With a staff of over 350 professionals, and thanks to the advanced machinery and technology available to us, we provide catering services for 30,000 people a day. Thanks to the fact that we identify the allergens in our products, hundreds of people with food tolerance issues place their trust in us.

The facilities of our central kitchen are pioneering the development of ready-made products in the Canary Islands, along with meals packed in a protective environment or pasteurised and vacuum packed, hence guaranteeing the conservation of the product for up to a maximum of 9 weeks, without affecting its organoleptic properties.

We offer a specialised service that is tailored to the needs of each group, and takes into consideration the particular needs of each and every one of them. Services include Dietary and Nutritional Services, on-site Kitchen, Transported Food, Mixed Cooking and Vacuum Cooking (5th range).

One of Cook & Events’ main commitments is its food safety policy, highlighting the importance of our HCCPA Certification (Hazard and Critical Control Point Analysis), in which the system is verified by specialists in food-hygiene advisory services from the department of Food Hygiene and Safety.

As a company committed to the social environment, we work on a range of different corporate social responsibility projects in the area of education and the environment, waste reduction and management, efficient use of natural resources and the application of Environmental Management Systems.

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