January 2017

The pillars of heaven

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Three rock towers comprise a place steeped in magic, in the highlands of the island. Together, they represent the perfect union between the natural landscape and the cultural landscape of Bentayga, the spiritual ground zero of the aboriginal world of Gran Canaria. Three pillars in a bespoke landscape to contemplate the heavens, from the highest mountains.

The windsurfers’ best kept secret

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What does Gran Canaria have that makes it the European capital of windsurfing? Europe’s top windsurfers have always known it. They all set aside a good part of the year to enjoy the island. They have everything they need in Gran Canaria: wind, beaches and good weather. Because for wind, very few places in the world can offer conditions like you will find at beaches like Pozo Izquierdo or Vargas.

Windows over the best views over the island

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You do not have to search for it, we will tell you the way. We will show you the way to the best spots on the island. A route of unique landscapes that are opened up to you each day by the Network of Look-out Points of Gran Canaria. The Look-out Points are the perfect way to complete the jigsaw puzzle of our continent in miniature.

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